Loving the Gatsby

I don’t really remember reading The Great Gatsby in high school. We may have skipped over it in our “advanced” English classes. If we did read it, it may have been a quick sort of study or perhaps it just dulled in comparison to Shakespeare and my love for all things British. The first time I really remember reading The Great Gatsby was two years ago. It was my first audio book. I loved it. I found myself listening to it more than just when I was working as a student pam binder for the university library. I finished listening to it pretty quickly and went to find a used copy of it in the bookshop across the street so I could read it all over again. There was something great about the story that struck me. The characters were so flawed and yet I wanted them to do things I disapproved of but that I knew would make them happy.

I borrowed a movie adaptation of Gatsby from my sister around Christmastime, but I didn’t watch it. Paul Rudd’s face on the cover made me a bit nervous. He was okay as Phoebe’s hubby in Friends, but could he actually play a Gatsby role? The answer is yes. He played Nick Carraway better than anyone I could really imagine in the role. Quite frankly, I finished the movie over 2 ½ hours ago (right before walking a 5K) and I still have Gatsby on my mind. Watch it. Read it. Look for the Great Gatsby Rap on YouTube. Just enjoy the story. It’s one you wouldn’t want to miss.


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