filling the belly: treating myself after a hard day’s work

You know how sometimes you work really hard and your appetite gets bigger. I’m talking about the big kind of big. Like after winning an important football game or after you plow the garden. Well today was my first day back at the factory. I’ve worked at the factory before, once during a summer during college and again for a month after returning from the Peace Corps. Working at the factory is tough, but it’s consistent. There is always work and there are always at least 40 hours to get paid for working. (Sometimes I even have overtime.) But yeah, so today I went back to the factory as a temp. I didn’t make enough money during the school year as an instructional assistant so the only real way to be able to pay my bills is to get a full-time summer job as well. And I worked. It was a LONG day. Ten hours of work. And my feet hurt and my thoughts hurt. But when I got home, Pa Bunn had been fixing some food. It was good. There was a vegetable and cheese frittata and some homemade French fries. I about died from the awesomeness. But you know how I mentioned big appetites earlier? Well, mine was a little crazy today and I consumed a whole heap of food. It was good. Yes, it was, but boy oh boy, my poor little tummy hurts. I sure hope tone down that appetite by tomorrow night. ☺


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