Bad Teacher

I remember my bad teachers. They added questions about the Simpsons on my history tests, let us hang out in the football field and talk during class instead of doing any work, or they used the same geography worksheets they made up in 1984 when teaching my class in 1998. They weren’t drug addicts or schizophrenics; they were just lazy.

Cameron Diaz is a whole new kind of awful in her role as Bad Teacher. Her ever gorgeous doesn’t make up for the fact that her role as the most awful teacher in Illinois never stops. She steals the state tests, gets high during the junior high dance she chaperones and tries to hook up with Justin Timberlake’s character, the rich substitute who plays in the most awful band.

When I first watched the preview, I thought the movie would be hilarious and that it would be a nice break after the tough year I’d had at school. But there wasn’t an ounce of redeeming qualities in this crass flick. It demeaned public educators and their work. As a member of the education profession, I think teachers, principals, and students deserve better than this. I’m sorry Cameron Diaz, but your movie sucked.


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