Crazy, Stupid, Love

My five-year old niece is waiting for her prince to come along. Her parents tell her that when she gets older, if she is patient, her prince will come along to marry her. On occasion, she will ask me, “Tia Rece, why are you not married?” When I go into my long explanation about how not everybody gets married and some of us are harder to get along with and get guys to love us, etc. she gets confused. She has to make sense of my babbling. “You just haven’t met your prince yet, right?” I sigh. “You’re right. I haven’t met my prince.” How can you explain to a five and a half year old that you don’t believe in the concept of one true love? That you just want to be left alone to knit with your Babucia type friends and eat chocolate at your book club. That’s not acceptable to a child, especially a child who understands that you are a pretty auntie. You deserve your prince, right?

A few weeks ago, I watched the movie, Crazy, Stupid Love. It was a great movie, probably one of the best I have seen in a long time. In the preview of the movie, you get that Steve Carell, our favorite office man in America, is getting a divorce. It’s sad, right? Divorce. But somehow the movie has hope. Carell’s 13 year-old son helps him become hopeful. The young lover believes in his soul mate. He thinks that his babysitter is his life partner and he doesn’t want to give up on her. The movie has its twists and turns, most of which keep the story moving along in an unprecedented fashion.

The star of the show is Ryan Gossling who approaches Carell’s New Balance wearing character with disgust, judgment, and a sense of style. I’m sure as I woman, I shouldn’t fall for Gossling’s abominable ways, but I love his character. For one, he is always eating. He’s like Brad Pitt in Ocean’s 11. He’s either eating pizza, a hot dog, or sliders at the bar. And when he finally shows his vulnerable side to the Emma Stone’s quirky character, it makes a single twenty-something melt.

This movie was so good it almost made me believe in the notion of soul mates again. It didn’t though, thus I still believe love is in fact crazy and stupid and anyone who falls into the trap may very well be giving up every hope he or she has of true happiness and independence, but that’s just my bitter, old lady knitter self talking.

Watch the movie. I’m sure if you’re reading this blog of mine, you’re probably a person who will love it.


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