Farm Life & MayTay

Life on the farm is always unexpected. Most mornings, I end up chatting with my dad. We talk about his military days, our opinions about people, war, the world, and politics. We don’t agree on most things, but we do agree that sometimes people are pretty stupid which is actually what causes a lot of the problems we see in the world. This morning, we ended up talking for so long that when I finally showered and got ready, my niece Madelyn was practically on her way to the house.


Before she arrived, I decided to make some chocolate chip pumpkin muffins. Thanks, It’s always a pleasure. (insert smile here)


When Madelyn finally arrived, my entire day was thrown off. The reason why I can’t imagine being a mom right now is because after two or three hours with MayTay, I am mentally and physically exhausted. Sometimes, I’m achy because I had her sit on my lap for an hour and she elbowed me six or seven times. Other times, I catch my brain spinning in my skull because of the sheer number of questions she asks. She’s a smart girl, but she wants to know everything. She’s not one to let something get past her at all.


Since she’s a smart girl, she’s decided that she wants to be a human doctor. You know why she wants to be a human doctor and not a vet? She says it’s because it’s gross to be an animal doctor, because animal doctors give shots and use thermometers on animals in the butt. Hold on, MayTay, don’t doctors use thermometers on babies in the butt? Or maybe that’s the old school method. Who really knows? Oh yeah, real doctors know that, as do well-paid writers like those who write for House or Grey’s Anatomy…


Basically, MayTay has been making me spin in circles for the past few days. One of my favorite stories is what happened Sunday. Yesterday, she said, “Margaret threw up yesterday. Auntie Nanna was making her rush to eat her sandwich so she threw up.” Oh dear. That’s just horrible, but the story makes me laugh every time. My sister Shanna has a tendency to run a bit behind schedule most of the time. Because she’s always late, she’s always rushing. But to force feed a two-year-old peanut butter and jelly sandwiches because it took you too long to pack for a weekend away with your boyfriend is never a good idea. Margaret’s gag reflexes understand karmic power. Sorry sister, but your sort of had that one coming. (hehe)


Being back home in the U.S. has been fantastic. I love seeing my old gnomes in my dad’s lawn, sleeping on a comfortable bed, using a washing machine, and taking warm showers every morning. I’m sure at some point, I’ll look at pictures of Ternopil and wish I could walk up the huge staircase to Miru Street, but for now, I’m looking forward to more adventures on the farm.


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