Culture Shock Take One

There are certain things you notice after returning to the states that make you realize you had really acclimated to the world you were living in as a Peace Corps Volunteer. My first clue that things weren’t as hunky-dorey as I thought was when I noticed the great American accents of people around me. Wow, I thought. That lady behind me speaks such great English. And then I realize that I’m in America. The lady behind me should be speaking great English.

Another thing happened to me today that made me realize I was no longer in Ukraine. I was using the bathroom at Mac’s Public Library when the toilet paper roll ended and the little leftover bit came off the roll. I looked at the small bit of toilet paper and thought, I’m in America, I don’t need to throw this leftover piece into my purse. I was ecstatic. Public restrooms are one of the most amazing luxuries we have in America. There are public restrooms in malls, libraries, and rest stops, and you never have to worry about taking your own toilet paper to them. Ah… I love America.


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