Back in School

A few years ago, I started working for Dayton Grade School, the school I spent six years of my childhood learning how to read, write, do simple math equations, and play basketball. It was strange because my old PE teacher, the scary teacher I was afraid of in third grade, my first grade teacher, and the counselor were still working at the school I’d left fourteen years before. But as the year passed, I got used to it and found my place among the instructional assistants and students in the school.


Today, I returned to the school again, not as a worker, but as a guest speaker. It was funny. I went into Mrs. Corona’s third grade class. She was originally my first grade teacher, the first teacher I ever had and thus she left one of the most lasting impressions.


I took a bunch of maps, postcards, books, and even a hay doll to share with the students, but after fifteen minutes, I lost them. I should have had some candy or a few questions or a game for them, but I didn’t plan for that. It was still good though. I gave them the Peace Corps bookmarks and stickers and I told them one important fact: Peace Corps is about helping people. I planted a seed. Now, I’m going to have to plant a few more and I’m doing my part for the third goal of Peace Corps, continuing service by teaching Americans about Ukraine.


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