True Ways You Can Tell If You Are A REAL Oregonian:

  • You say 99-W (double-you) rather than 99-West.
  • You say it right, “Orygun.”
  • You understand that you are either a Duck or a Beaver and you have chosen a side and stuck with it. Real Oregonians don’t buy into the platypus crap.
  • You know that all Oregonians aren’t hippies.
  • You could tell the difference between someone from Eastern Oregon and someone from Western Oregon.
  • You know the difference between Eugene and Springfield.
  • You’ve heard of Voodoo Donuts and perhaps tried one of them.
  • You get the motto: “She flies with her own wings.”
  • You’re independent even if you think the motto sounds stupid.
  • You get mad when you see California license plates, especially when they’re on a car that just cut you off.
  • You have pride in your state.
  • You’ve moved away and yet you move back because it just doesn’t get better than the Pacific Northwest.
  • You’ve been to Powells.
  • PDX is your home airport.

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