All About Pops

Pops turned 63 today. Woohoo! He opened his presents and as usual, my big brother Shane gave all the best gifts.

He started out with the perfect card.

Pops’ response: “This is just wrong.”

He read the inside of the card: “Daddy, this has nothing to do with your ‘four square policy’ from childhood.”

“It’s three, Shane,” was his response.

“I thought it was two.” This was Ma.

“Funny, I thought it was twenty.” I’m known as the BBJ kid who has always used an excessive amount of toilet paper.

After we settled down from our TP talk, he opened the rest of his present. He got soap. It’s not just any soap. It’s Beaver butt soap.

What does this mean? He wondered. He wasn’t sure if the soap had something to do with his love for the Beaver football team or if it was supposed to mean something else. I believe it has something to do with the Beavers are not the best football team in Oregon, making fans a bunch of buttheads or something like this. I’m pretty sure my brother is a Duck fan (since I actually went to that university) and that he would gang up against the Beaver fans in our family.

Last but not least, he got an old man shirt.

Isn’t it awesome? The old guys from the Muppets are some of my favorite Muppets. Why wouldn’t they be? You could basically paste Pops’ face over theirs and you’d have the same grumpy attitude. I love my Pops! Happy Birthday, Old Man!


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