Katie’s getting married.

Who’s Katie? Katie is my younger cousin. She’s my Auntie Fay’s oldest child and she was the youngest cousin to hang out in our crew of older girl cousins. She’s getting married tomorrow and many of us have gathered in McCall, Idaho for the festivities. She’s marrying a guy named Matt, a nice guy I’ve met two times. It’s pretty great to be honest. Since we’re all grown up and moving forward with our lives, we don’t see family members as much as when we were kids. These days, we seem to catch up at weddings or funerals and quite frankly, I’d rather meet up at the former and not the latter.

Here have been a few of the highlights from my day and the WAY to McCall where the wedding will happen tomorrow.

First: My yellow shoes.

I wore my yellow shoes for the beginning few miles of my journey until my feet got hot and started sweating. That’s when I threw on the sandals.

Second: Tia Rece chills with Jayden. Jayden is the one niece of mine who has never called me by name. I’m pretty sure she has no clue who I am, but after I let her dance on the table this morning (which is strictly forbidden apparently), she warmed up to me.

Third: Being the cool aunt. See above and see this picture below. I am cool.

Fourth: Imagining Spencer as the nutty professor. I was a freshman in college when Spencer was born. He’s turning 11 in December. I’m starting to feel old, but when I ignore this and decide to think about Spencer rather than myself, I get really excited about the possibilities. He can be an artist, a scientist, a mathematician, etc. I love thinking about what he might be when he’s a grown up. I just don’t think about what I’ll be like when he becomes an adult.

Fifth: Catching up with Penny. Penny and I went to high school together. We played volleyball together. We fought as children and became friends as teenagers. Now, she’s one of my people. I’ve been a turd on occasion and she’s forgiven me for my imperfections and irrational rants. Here we are with our little cousin McKenzie, who was born when we were about 13 years old. EEKS. She’s a grown-up already.

Sixth: Seeing the cousins interacting. Fifteen years ago, this was us. We played “500” and other games in the yard. We were always active, always friends, always competing. These days, most of the cousins from my generation are married with children. It’s been a while since we really had cousin time like these guys.

Seventh: The scenery. I love pretty things. I like earrings. I like the color purple. And I love a good nature scene. My family has a pretty awesome cabin here in McCall and they get to see things like this when they’re up here.

The wedding is tomorrow at six. I’m excited to see Katie in her dress and have more time with the family. Tomorrow is a day about Katie and Matt. It’s strange to think that my little cousin is finally getting married. She’s not Katie bug anymore. She may have danced around when she was little to the words, “Katie bug, Katie bug, Katie bug, bugsie-wugs,” but tomorrow, she will dance with her new husband, the charming guy she’s been dreaming about since she began reading the Palisades Pure Romance books at age nine.

Until tomorrow.


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