Merry-Making in McCall

I don’t know if I want to have kids or not and I have a good reason for this. On Thursday, my sister Shanna and I drove over here to Idaho where I have since been an active observer in the lives of my sister Shelli, her husband Steen, and their two kids Spencer and Jayden. On Friday, we ladies and Spencer drove up McCall for a Bunn family wedding. When we were there, we ended up hanging out with the cousins we hung out with every summer as we were growing up. Most all of them have kids of their own and their kids like to run around and play in the yard and ask their parents to give them food and if they can help them change their diapers and stuff. This is not the sort of thing I like to see or hear about when I’m on vacation and this trip to Idaho was supposed to be just that, a vacation.

The good part of spending a bunch of time with the kids is that at certain times, I got to see this.

My nephew Spencer would take care of his baby sister Jayden, making her laugh, shriek, and generally enjoy life. Quite frankly, I was overwhelmed. She shrieks and cries a lot and I’m never sure if she’s actually hurt or if she’s just crying because she didn’t get what she wanted. I quickly learned that the little girl in the following picture

was a master manipulator and that I needed to watch myself and my pocketbook when I was around her.

But the weekend wasn’t about kids or my new fears of having them in my life. It was about Matt and Katie. Aren’t they cute?

They are apparently the perfect couple, at least that’s what the best man and maid of honor said about them during the toasts. The toasts were great, the dancing was fun, and the set-up was adorable. They had a bunch of lavender.

They had a bunch of sweet desserts. My sister even helped dip these strawberries in chocolate.

And I got to see a bunch of my amazing relatives, including this girl right here, cousin Penny.

All in all, times in McCall were good. Here are the true highlights:

1. On the way back from the wedding, my sister Shelli and I saw a huge flock of deer passing the road.
2. My sister Shanna and I went paddle-boating on the lake in the middle of the night and we saw and heard the sea monster.
3. Katie’s wedding was so Katie and she was incredibly excited and happy the entire time.
4. I got my cousin Jacob to talk to me, something I haven’t done in the 13 years since he was born. ☺
5. I started using Instagram on my iPhone.

Yeah, it was a pretty rad weekend.

Hope yours was equally awesome.



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