How to Cheat at Hide-and-Seek

I’m sure there are multiple ways to cheat at hide-and-seek including using walkie-talkies, peeking when people hide, and tricking your friends into pointing at the other hiders when you go seek. I picked a different way of cheating this evening. My niece and nephew were playing outside and Maddie decided to come in to ask me if I’d play with them. I had already gone outside twice to find Spencer but hadn’t been interested enough to invest in a full set of hide-and-seek games with them. Instead, I went inside as soon as I got bored after each round.

During the final round, I walked outside and said, “Spencer, your mom needs to talk to you.”

He came running out of the grape arbor. “What does she want? I didn’t do anything wrong.”

I told him to keep coming and when he was close enough, I told Maddie, “See, I found him,” and I went inside laughing. I had to share my glorious win with my siblings and parents. All of them were shocked that I had played such a trick. Ha! They didn’t even get off their butts to play. At least I kept the kids entertained for a few minutes.


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