Road Trip to WA

Yesterday, I took a road trip with my mom and dad. My mom drove. I sat in the front seat and Pops sat in the back with his kiddy DVD player. It was pretty awesome. Pops fell asleep early on so Ma Bunn and I listened to our favorite chapter of Bossypants, the one about Don Fey. It was great. After we stopped for lunch at a parkish rest area in Washington, we made Pops listen to the chapter too. He enjoyed it though he claims to be slightly offended because his verbiage is rarely as controversial and adult as Mr. Fey’s. But still, the inexcusable and defective bit hit home to my Pops.

It took us hours to drive up to our destination point, the Worldmark Resort where I’m sitting as I type this. It’s a nice place. I enjoy the pristine environment around me. I do agree that cleanliness is next to godliness and although I am far from holy, I do know how to organize a few things.

Ah – for a top five…

Top five instagram pix from the trip yesterday:

1. Pops and Spencer wear orange. I used to like orange but now I hate it. It reminds me of the Oregon Beavers and I’m an Oregon Duck. I can’t wear orange without cringing these days.

2. Ma goes silly. Perhaps I like this photo because my mom is so cool or maybe it’s because a bunch of people “liked” it on facebook and instagram, whatever the reason, it makes me happy.

3. The T! I like coffee. I like Seattle. Whenever we’re approaching Seattle and I see the Tully’s T, I get really excited, like a kid in a candy shop.

4. JayBird’s pink. JayBird wears a lot of pink. My 19 month-old niece is a lot of fun but she also runs around, grabs things she’s not supposed to, and eats crayons. When she wears pink, it makes her seem cuter and less of a havoc-wrecker.

5. View from the resort window. I like pretty things. That’s why I like this view. We’re vacationing at Birch Bay in Blaine, Washington. It’s my first time here, but I’m pretty stoked to discover what’s out here.

And because I admit to loving coffee in number three, I’ve gotta include this picture.

The Woods Coffee is awesome. I agree with the Yelper who said The Woods Coffee is better than Starbucks. There is no competition. As a former barista, I understand the value of people making real espresso shots over the automatic machines they use at Starbucks. If you’re ever in this are of Washington and you need a cup of coffee or a latte, head over to The Woods. The rustic interior is a bit woodsy, but come on, it’s pretty cool that way.

Tata for now.



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