Taking on Deception Pass

My mom had an unsupervised childhood. Her father was a pastor. Her mom worked in department stores. She and her brothers were left alone all the time. They ran around their neighborhood, manipulated their neighbors into giving them treats since their dad was a preacher, and took public transportation into Seattle and to the airport without adult supervision. The things she did as a kid were never an option to her children. She kept the leash on pretty tight, but now that we’re older, she loves reliving her nightmarish childhood with her brothers. That’s why we ended up a Deception Pass yesterday. Deception Pass is a dangerous cliff area turned parks and recreation haven. My mom says she used to lean over the edge of the cliff and worry about falling off as a kid. We leaned over that cliff and my reaction was, “Yeah, that would crack a few bones if you fell down.” That, of course, was a gross understatement. You couldn’t live through a fall down there, that is, unless you were a vampire or a zombie or some other undead figure. The cliffs reminded me a bit of Pirates of the Caribbean. I’m pretty sure there is treasure buried in a cave down on the side of the cliff, but as I forgot my equipment, I didn’t want to risk falling to my death by searching for it.

There were a few great things about Deception Pass:

We got to see my mom’s side of the family, something we rarely do.

We went on a mile hike. There were several good views on the way.

We saw the statue of The Maiden of Deception Pass. Her story is basically the one of Hades and Persephone from Greek mythology.

Here was the not so great thing about Deception Pass: Uncle Theron taught us to pick up rocks to search for crabs. Poor crabs! I told my dad, “It would be like someone coming into your house, pulling you out of your recliner and poking at your legs, belly button, and head. Not cool. I picked up one mini crab and I was done. I just don’t think we were being nice. Not that I’ve always been this sympathetic. I used to pick snails off of rocks at Locks Park of Yamhill River and throw them down the stream. Ah – nature. We do so much to ruin you and yet we love you so much.

Visiting Deception Pass was pretty rocking. I’m glad we did it. It makes me eager to do more gnarly outdoorsy things this summer like hiking, swimming in warm bodies of water, camping in state parks, etc. It’s summer. Might as well enjoy it.




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