Stuck in Roswell

I went to Forks last weekend. I’d wanted to go for a while and I finally made it without much planning beforehand. Now I have a new destination for my (hopefully near) future. I want to go to Roswell. No. I’m not an alien fanatic nor do I necessarily buy into the whole “there are others among us” bit, but I do enjoy the crazy stuff on TV. If I met someone who really believed in UFOs, I may laugh for a minute, but then I’d want to know about it. I’ve had seconds where I’ve decided to believe in vampires, usually after watching a really good episode of Castle or The Vampire Diaries, you know, the ones that explain crazy human behavior to the laymen. The people who believe in UFOs are completely normal, you know, like adults who still believe in Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny.

I’m not really a believer of any of the above. I’m a layman. I’ve never seen a UFO and I don’t really think they exist. I think it’s all the U.S. Government. I think the U.S. Government keeps a lot of secrets from us and that’s why I love TV shows like Scandal and Political Animals. These great leaders we choose to literally rule the world we live in don’t tell us everything that’s going on. They keep some pretty interesting secrets. But I’m not sure they’re keeping secrets about UFOs. UFOs are probably just Russian spy vessels flying pretty high in the air. (I feel like I can say this as I’ve lived in Eastern Europe and know that a good chuck of weirdness and corruption goes on over there.)

So if I’m not into UFOs or Aliens, why do I want to visit Roswell? Good question. I want to visit Roswell because I have started watching the TV show (which was originally on when I was in high school but I never watched it) and I’m absolutely loving it. I’ve sworn at the TV; said, “This is so adorable” at least ten times; and continued to watch this show. I’m surprised that some of Liz’s outfits would still work today, not the baggy pants and giant cardigans, but the dressy clothes are pretty dang cute. If the actress was ever the type to steal costumes from the set, I hope she kept those because they would still work today.

I think this is a show I’m just going to enjoy. I don’t think my mom would be into it. She hates Disney movies that mix cartoons with people. Anything outside normal isn’t for her. (How she ever puts up with me for a daughter, I have no clue.) I’m thinking my sister Shelli would really dig a road trip to Roswell. I can see it happening, with our without the kids. It might be even better to take Steen and the kids because Steen would laugh and get into the adventure at all the right places, just as long as Spence watched some of the show first. I really don’t know what it is about this show that’s so awesome. Is it that the aliens look so much like regular people? If it were a Men In Black sort of situation, I would hate it. There’s something about Roswell that’s just charming. I can’t wait to see the real place some day.

Tata for now.



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