Oikos, I love you.

When I was housesitting during the past two weeks, I got to watch television for the first time since I got back to the states. You see, I’m staying with my parents right now and they do not have television. They have a TV and a bunch of DVDs, but no television stations or satellite dish with which to watch what’s really going on in pop culture. My favorite part of the television watching experience was the commercials. I laughed out loud at the sympathetic attorney who wanted to help me get compensation for an auto accident. There’s nothing like a good daytime television commercial to help you realize that you life is, in fact, getting lamer each hour you sit on the couch. But what was better than the silly lawyer pitches was the Oikos commercial. Imagine: you can eat one bite of Oikos yogurt and the next guy who walks into your house will look like John Stamos for five seconds. I love this and I understand why the women in the commercial binge on the entire cup of yogurt so as to prolong the sensation. I wouldn’t do this as I live with my parents and I don’t think it would be appropriate for my father to ever look like John Stamos. But I did buy a few cups of Oikos Greek Yogurt to see if the commercial was right, if Oikos really tastes better than Chobani.

As of 9:30 this morning, I’d only done one test and Oikos vanilla yogurt tastes 100% better than Chobani vanilla yogurt. This is strange though as I’ve been raving about Chobani since last summer, but you know, sometimes we get excited about the first view of the ocean when the amazing cliffs and awesome beach are just ten miles ahead. Oikos is that gnarly cliff. And Chobani, it’s that small beach where you can dip your feet in for a few minutes before your meeting, you get a taste of greatness without really experiencing something great.

Bon appetit.


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