The Day I Met Jonah Hill

Today I worked with Jonah Hill. Ok, it wasn’t the Jonah Hill from Moneyball, in a technical sense. But the guy’s mannerisms, voice, and body type were Jonah Hill to a tee. The main differences were a. the fact that the guy was Hawaiian, 2. The curly, black chin hairs, and f. my Jonah Hill was a geeky gamer.

My Jonah Hill is a two-month temp at Erath Winery in Dundee, Oregon. He was apparently gone from the winery for a few days and so during lunch and work-time, he decided to catch up and tell all to every employee he worked with. Here’s what I learned about him:
• His grandmother was born in Pearl Harbor.
• His grandfather was born in Kona.
• He met his wife’s parents before he met his wife.
• He met his in-laws playing World of Warcraft online.
• His in-laws stalked him – the first time they met face-to-face, they went to his workplace, Pizza Hut, to talk.
• He married his wife a year ago.
• When their family goes on vacation, they all sit at their laptops playing World of Warcraft.
• His wife packs his lunch.

I feel like I learned too much about this guy for an 8-hour shift at a winery. I’ve realized that during short encounters, I like to listen and observe more than participate, which is why I listened to Mr. Hill. (Let’s call him Donald – I like that name.)

Donald wasn’t even the only interesting person I met at the winery. There was an older lady who once had a boyfriend named Carl. She tried to read her self-help book about the third step of AA, but she got distracted by the conversation and my constant laughter.

The person I spent the most time with was a lady named Kimmy. Kimmy was a stay-at-home mom for ten years before she had to go to work. Her oldest daughter is 16 and her youngest kid is 8. She misses staying at home and wishes her husband could win the lottery so she could quit working again. She’s only been out in the workforce for a few months.

The girl I was subbing for is going back to the winery tomorrow. She had to sign her divorce papers, which is why she missed work.

Being a temp is frustrating because I don’t have a steady job or insurance, but it can sure be entertaining.

Thanks peeps at Erath for a stellar eight hours!


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