She caved.

Big sister finally caved to her two little sisters. She went into David’s Bridal and within the first twenty minutes of being in the shop, she said, “Well, if the two of them happen to be wearing the same dress, that’s cool.” That’s basically telling us to get the same bridesmaids dresses! Woohoo!

She picked out a dress…

It wasn’t the one I just showed you. She would kill me if I posted a picture of the real dress. So would my mom. She made me pinky swear not to show anyone.

After Shanna found her dress which once again is not the one above, she said, “So Rece, what are you going to wear?” And I went on a search. It didn’t take me long. I know what I like. The assistant showed me her suggestion and I looked across the board and found a similar one that was much more me. Here it is:

Isn’t it cute? I’m excited to be an unbridemaid now. I realize why we’re unbridesmaids. There is no job for us. Essentially, Shanna’s going to say her I Dos with Mark and the BBQ will begin. There aren’t even going to be tables. This is when I wish I were a witch like in Harry Potter and I could set up a wedding tent with only my wand. Ah… The power and wonder of magic…

My sister’s wedding is turning out to be a biggish small affair. I’m glad I get to go to it. I’m just hoping it ends up being like she wants it to be.


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