Conversations with a six-year-old

“Can you eat poo?”

“No, because it’s brown.”

“Steak is brown. Why can’t you eat poo?”

“Because sometimes, people eat poo and they get really sick.”

This was not the sort of conversation I expected to have with my niece this morning. I was painting her fingernails while we were watching Tangled. I was all giddy about the sad ending part when Eugene cuts off Rapunzel’s hair, the sort of sacrifice of pure love. And Maddie started talking about poo. One of the reasons I love spending time with her is because I get to be really girly and talk about hair, clothes, lip gloss, and barrettes with her. Poo is not usually the topic of conversation.

But as I write this, we’ve started the second movie of the day. You know what it is? Flushed Away. I see a theme here. Ick!

I think this girl has been spending too much time on the farm!


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