When the Lights Go Out: How to Meet Attractive Policemen

Who forgets to turn on their headlights when they’re driving at ten o’clock at night? Me apparently. Shelli, JayBird, Spence, and I were driving home from Shanna’s wedding in West Linn when I got a genius idea: let’s stop at Fred Meyer and buy ice cream. It didn’t matter that we had gone well over the 2,000 calorie a day diet or that it was well past a reasonable bedtime. I wanted ice cream anyway. So I stopped and bought some. Shelli and the kids stayed in the car.

When I got back to the car and started driving away, this cop pulled up behind me and flashed his lights. I had no idea why he was flashing his lights at me until he told me. The headlights were off. I was mortified. “This is so embarrassing,” I said as I scrambled to get the registration card and my license. Then he asked for my insurance card and I had to pull that out of the glove box. (It’s good we got the new card last week. Our last one expired in June.)

As I fumbled with my words and my embarrassment for being an idiot and not realizing that my lights weren’t on, the cop gave me a warning paper. It’s number 50429 and it’s for driving without the headlights. Yep. I get to keep a yellow copy of my warning. The guy gets to give the other copy “to his boss so he knows why he pulled me over.” It’s got a bunch of information on there too. It even includes my incorrect height and weight I provided to the DMV in 2007. EEKS! I shouldn’t have lied but I would be embarrassed for the cop to know the truth… Wouldn’t you?

Tata for now.



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