Best New Thing Today: The Mindy Project Pilot

I first realized Mindy Kaling was awesome when I bought her book, Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns). It was hilarious. I first bought it for my Kindle and then life got really busy so I bought the audio book to get through it in four hours when I was walking to and from the center of Ternopil one day. People probably thought I was crazy; I would laugh out loud on various occasions. She’s hilarious.

She continues to be awesome on her new project, rightly named, The Mindy Project.

“And when that hot, mean doll pointed out that even she had a boyfriend, I started to cry. This is not who I should be.”

Oh, my gosh! Are there other girls out there that have felt like absolute geeks for being stupid enough to believe in the power of romantic comedies in their childhood? Even my sister Shelli, the one who taught me to believe in true love and magic is well off the market. She coached me through it all and I’m still being benched. I think it’s nice to watch a show like The Mindy Project to show me that there may be other dumbish girls like me. (I call us dumbish because we read too much into things like believing guys like us when we wear crazy, over-the-top outfits or that they really liked us because we’re funny with good personalities.) I’m looking forward to watching this show. I’m thinking it’s going to be pretty entertaining.


2 thoughts on “Best New Thing Today: The Mindy Project Pilot

  1. It’s awesome to find the things in life that make us feel that “I’m not the only one!” feeling. I enjoy reading about your experience of it related to this show and book, super great! 🙂

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