Tom Cruise is not my favorite person.

Tom Cruise is not my favorite person. I know I should like him more because he’s good-looking, rich, and famous, but I don’t. I think he’s weird. It was the whole scientology thing. And then there was the couch-jumping incident when he was a guest on Oprah. He’s just weird. But today I realized why he’s a name we all know. He is a kick-ass actor. I watched A Few Good Men today and… I was blown away. You might have realized that I’m a bit of a movie buff. I should have gone to film school and flunked the directing classes so I could become a critic. That’s how people become film critics, you know. They fail directing and acting classes. This makes them mad so they dedicate their lives to dumping on other people’s art. (I’m smiling right now, by the way.)

So, in A Few Good Men, Cruise really rocks it. He’s amazing. I put the movie in as background noise while I wrote some important letters and then I couldn’t take my eyes off of the movie. It was FANTASTIC… When he starts shouting into Jack Nicholson’s face, I got chill bumps.

“I want the truth!”


Anyone who yells at Jack Nicholson has got guts. Mr. Nicholson surely owns a handgun and isn’t afraid to use it. Plus, he’s got the money to pay for a great attorney. I’ve got to give it to Mr. Cruise – he’s a fine actor. And though his personal life with his two exes is a little crazy, he’s got talent.


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