Note to Self: Eat good stuff before donating blood.

I escaped to Sherwood this morning. It was completely necessary. Trust me. As I pulled into the parking lot next to Starbucks, I saw the van. “Cool,” I said to myself. “Maybe I can donate after I sit and write for a while.” It sounded like a stellar plan and I was up for it.

I wasn’t expecting to get dizzy and sick. I ate breakfast: a bowl of cereal and milk. I even snacked on a piece of coffee cake at Starbucks. But when I was finished donating my pint of blood in record time, I almost passed out. Nobody noticed though. The food guy was sleeping and the nurses were busy taking blood from people. I had weird mini dreams and then I went out to my car where I sat in the hot sun for a while.

My face was white. I felt like I had been kidnapped by vampires and they used compulsion to make me forget. I was really in a trance.

So although I feel good about being useful and saving lives today, I feel a bit… tired. I’m probably not going to be donating blood on the spur of the moment again, unless I eat “real” breakfast.




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