Penny loves her country music.

Penny likes country music because of me. When we were in high school, my cousin, Penny rode with me in my car all the time. I drove us to the school before every game and tournament. We were carpool buddies and I was the master of the keys. We drove around in maroon-colored Chrysler. You know the sort. It’s the car you get stuck behind on a one-lane highway with the old lady driving. That was my rig and when we rode around in it, we plugged in the personal CD player (this was before either of us had iPods or iPhones were even a thing) and we’d listen to the Dixie Chicks. We switched between the Dixie Chicks, Tim McGraw, and Faith Hill. They were the standard.

Then one day long after the two of us had gone our separate ways to college and I was living in Nampa, Idaho, the love for country music ended. Was it because of a roommate? Sk8ter Boi? Shaggy? I have no idea why I started hating on country music but I got to a point where I couldn’t handle songs about tractors, pickup trucks, or lying cheating girls. (At least with some pop songs, you lose the whiney lyrics with an upbeat tempo.)

Cut to now. I am absolutely, totally in love with the band, Old Crow Medicine Show (O.C.M.S.). What is this band? According to Wikipedia it’s an Americana string band from Nashville that could be old-time, bluegrass, folk, and alt-country. They are amazing. If O.C.M.S. was what country was, I know I’d be a fan. But they are a folk band and I love folk music.

But then there is Taylor Swift. I like her music (especially her new song which makes her sound like Avril Lavigne) because it’s fun, cute, and my niece can sing along to every song. And of course we have Red Solo Cup. Who doesn’t like this song? It’s hilarious. My mom had no idea about this part of culture until she saw the music video last month. Oh boy. The generation gap in this country is huge.

Penny is determined to bring me back to my country roots. She’s planning on taking me to a country music concert at the Oregon State Fair next week. I have no idea who the singer is, but I agreed to go. For one, I haven’t been to a concert since I returned home and that was my main goal. And for another, I need to do something fun. Life has gotten a little too serious these days. Fresh air and greasy food at the fair will do me good!




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