Mini Adventures Go A Long Way

Sometimes life sucks. It’s just the way it is. Sometimes the fruit pizza is all gone before you make it through the potluck line. Sometimes you burn the cookies. Sometimes, you spill soda on your new outfit. Sometimes, you don’t have a job. Sometimes, you fight with your brother or sister. Sometimes, you run out of gas on the way home from camping. Sometimes things just don’t go the way you really want. That’s life.

Well, whenever I’m having a bit of a rough time, I need something to help me out. I need something to pick me up. That something is adventure. I love adventures. I love adventures in books. I love adventures in movies. I love real life adventures with family, with friends, or even by myself.

Today, I had a mini adventure. I drove right outside of McMinnville, Oregon in search of Glacial Erratic Rock. I have passed the sign for this rock so many times. We pass it every time we head to the coast, but I never took the time to stop. Until today.

I got lost trying to find it. That’s when I got a close look at this abandoned building. It looks like a place that evacuated for Isaac to hit the shores.

I finally found the sign.

Which led up to the gopher pile party.

Which was next to the rock.

Which I climbed.

When I left, I stopped by Yamhill Valley Vineyards and took this picture.

I know it was a short adventure, but I sure had a lot of fun. And I needed it.


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