Five Guys I Could Never Have:

1. Macaulay Culkin: My parents decided I didn’t need to be a child actor. If they’d have realized how big I could have been in Hollywood, I’m sure we would have moved to Los Angeles where I would have been able to meet and date my childhood crush.
2. Brad Pitt: Shelli and I used to watch all of his movies when we were in high school. I don’t know if it’s because I don’t much resemble either Jennifer Aniston OR Angelina Jolie, but I never caught his eye.
3. Matt Damon: Loved him when he was the mean boy in School Ties. Continued to crush on him from Good Will Hunting to now. I would never steal him from his happy marriage, not that it was ever an option.
4. The Nerdy Kid from Honey, I Shrunk the Kid: Whenever you have a crush on an imaginary character, you’ve got to ask yourself, who am I kidding? And then you get over the guy.
5. Neil Patrick Harris: This amazingly funny hunk isn’t interested in beautiful blond ladies such as myself. I still have a crush on him though, especially as Barney from HIMYM!

(Note: I do realize that I played it safe by not mentioning any guys I have met in person. This is due to the current trend in social media. I still know those guys and some are still single. I don’t want to jinx it!)


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