Revolution and Ice Cream

Dependency. When is this a good thing? When you’re a kid, sure. When you’re in a relationship, not so much. When you’re on the way to work and your car breaks down, darn it. When you’re checking your phone every five minutes to see if that guy texted you back or if you got the job offer in your email, not at all.


Dependency is human. We need friends, family, and ideas to fall back on, but in the end, we need to have the drive, independence, and motivation to do things ourselves. When we can’t be flexible or adapt to tough situations, we ultimately fail.


This all comes from my feelings after watching J.J. Abrams and Jon Favreau’s new show Revolution. It’s a show about the end of technology as we know it and what life in America is like afterwards. Wrigley Field is covered in plant life. Most of the cities have died or become like the Super Dome during Hurricane Katrina. The villages are small and fragile. Parents don’t want their kids to leave. They teach them to survive in their small community and try to keep them safe. It is crazy.


My dad loves this kind of show. The other day he lectured me for about twenty minutes about how “the social network” is going to be the end of us and that one day, we will all die and be disappointed by just about everything we depend on. He’s a country boy. He gets the line, “If you were smart, you left the city. If you didn’t, you died.”


I often wonder how I would make it in a dystopian society. I often think my quick wit, cheery disposition, and biting tongue might get me killed. I’m not sure though. There’s always hope, right?


I want to keep watching this TV show this season. I’m fascinated by a world where cell phones are non-existent, my school loans would magically disappear, and I’d learn how to shoot a bow and arrow. The one thing I wouldn’t like is the lack of refrigeration. There would be no ice cream! I couldn’t imagine a world like this. Isn’t ice cream the one thing that makes an awful day better?




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