Supervisory Experience

One of the great things about the job search is that you have to prove you have the skills to apply for whatever job you want. There are questions on applications, in interviews, and after you get the job offer in which the employer is testing you. My favorite of these questions is to describe supervisory experience. I have been a teacher, instructional assistant, aunt, volleyball team captain, and dorm council leader in my day. I may not have the sort of dictator skills like my politician uncles, but I know how to be in charge. Just ask my Smurfs and Zombies. Uh – what? Good question. I have recently started using the free game apps I have on my iPhone and guess what?! They are awesome. The first one I started using was Zombie Café. My brother sent me an invite to the game after we went to watch Paranorman together. I added the app just to appease him, but then I got addicted. It’s like the Sims but in a café and with zombies. GNARLY!

Then I moved on to something else. I added Smurf Village a few months ago and I only opened it tonight. SO CUTE! I got to build mushroom houses for my little Smurfs. I’m sort of in a creative, nesting phase and I have no space to do this so playing games on my iPhone works.

I wonder if I could use my zombies and Smurfs in my next interview. I fire or infect zombies whenever their work starts to deteriorate or they attack the customers in the café. And as for the Smurfs, I have them working long hours in the garden every day. Right now, as I write this, they are growing strawberries. It’s going to take a full hour to get the strawberries to grow.

So you see wonderful job market, I’ve got skills. I know how to supervise zombies and Smurfs on my iPhone. That’s got to count for something, right?

Note to potential employers: My supervisory skills span far beyond the Smurf and zombie market. I was merely writing this for my own enjoyment. Please consider this when you read through my application materials.


One thought on “Supervisory Experience

  1. From brother Shane Bunn via Facebook at 9:14 am on Wednesday, September 12th: “One of your best posts to date. Being able to discuss Smurfs and zombies at the same time without sounding crazy is a feat to be proud of. :)”

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