Dog Lips

I am Lucy. This revolution completely freaks me out. No. I am not talking about the great Lucille Ball. I wish I could be more like her, but my beautiful blond hair and big head make me too Rece to be like that Lucy. The Lucy I am referring to is the Lucy from Peanuts. You know the one. She’s that annoying black-haired girl from the Peanuts cartoons. Ugh. You’re her? I knew you’d ask that and I figured I should explain that I’m not crazy mean and bossy like Lucy. I do, however, have an aversion to dog kisses and I can be as dramatic as she is when dogs try to lick my face.

I’ve never had the kind of dog that I’ve wanted to lick my face. And I’ve never dated a guy with a dog that licked my face. I’m sure that if I would have, I would have made a vain attempt to get over my dislike of dog tongue on my face so as to snag the guy. (That’s what we girls do, you know. We do whatever it takes to hook guys so they’ll protect us.) Unfortunately, I’m just a bit too much like Lucy. I won’t even let cute Snoopy-like dogs kiss me.

Note: This post is inspired by my recent investment in Snoopy’s Street Fair. Though I have not paid even ninety-nine cents to iTunes for this game, I have spent some quality twenty-minute intervals adding booths and drummers to my street fair. Please, find me if you can. I need more friends in the virtual game world.

Tata for now.



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