This Fairy Tale Life

My life is a fairy tale. My life is a nightmare. I was born into a family of normal people. We ate normal macaroni and cheese (from a box of course). We lived in normal, shoebox sized houses, and we drove in normal, family-sized vehicles. I always knew something was strange about this. I needed to be treated better. I needed to be in a grander house with more money to spend and less chores to do. I was meant to be royalty and yet somehow, I was stuck with the Bunns.

Today, I realized that I am in fact the princess I always knew I was. I’m the princess from, The Princess and the Pea, only I’ve got a pea stuck under my mattress and nobody’s catching it to help move me into my real life as a great princess who is loved and admired by all.

I know what you’re thinking. Why did Sharece think of this today, September 19, 2012 of ALL days? Well, it’s quite simple. My hands hurt. That’s right. My hands hurt. I’ve spent the last three days packaging boxes at Oregon Wine Services & Storage and my hands are killing me. We royals don’t like to work with our hands. We earn money and fame by being beautiful and making others happy with our generosity, smiles, and fancy waves. I should be doing this. I should be rich and famous because I am… me. I don’t get why things haven’t worked out yet. I knew things were looking down when Prince William married Kate, but I didn’t realize that I’d be in a situation where the very muscles that make my right hand so awesome would start to rebel against me because I was doing such hard, manual labor. Something has got to change. I’ve got to get out of this nightmare and work my way back into my fairy tale. (Disney quality, not of this Grimm stuff!)

Tata for now.



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