Another Tooth Fairy Tale

What did you think the tooth fairy looked like when you were a kid? I honestly don’t remember what I thought back then, but now I think I have a pretty good idea. He (yes, the tooth fairy is a male) is an oldish guy who is balding but he has patches of hair on the left and right side of his head. He wears a green garland around his head and a white toga with a gold strap. His sandals are faux leather Tevas. Basically, he looks like my vision of Julius Caesar. His wings are pretty basic. They’re clearish but when he flies, you can see the flutter behind him. I think I’ve stolen this image from somewhere. Isn’t there a movie somewhere out there about the Julius Caesar tooth fairy? I think so. If you think of it, please leave me a comment so I don’t keep stressing about it.

Anyway, so today, my niece Madelyn was wiggling another tooth. “Look Tia Rece,” she said. And she started to wiggle it back and forth.

My dad told her that she’d lose if for sure by the end of next week. My response was, “and on Saturday night if it’s still in, you’ll take pliers to pry it out, right?” I always was a bit of a smart aleck.

“Remember that if you want $5, you have to leave $2 under your pillow for the tooth fairy,” I told her.

“Nuh uh!” her response. “Rexy’s tooth fell down the drain and he just left a note for the tooth fairy and got five bucks.” Rexy is Madelyn’s boyfriend from daycare.

When my dad went into the other room, I started with my stories. “I saw the tooth fairy once,” I told her and started to describe the image above.

“How did you do that?” she asked. “Did you stay up all night?”

“Yep. You should try it.”

Then I told her that I was curious if there were TWO tooth fairies. Maybe there is a boy and a girl tooth fairy, I suggested, because some of my friends told me that they saw a girl fairy when they were younger. “If there are two tooth fairies,” I said, “it would explain why some kids get more money from the tooth fairy than other kids.”

I suggested that Madelyn stay up to see what the to see which one comes to her house. She promised to try.


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