Christmas in September

Yesterday was one of my favorite days in the month of September. My brother Shane invited me to an early Christmas party. It was great, partially because I was allowed to relax on a weekend without worrying about cleaning the house or working on stressful projects on my computer. We just chilled.

I was enjoying watching one of the movies we’d picked out when I got a notice on my phone (I was playing Zombie Café and saw the push notification immediately) that Jim had posted a photo of me on facebook saying that he had been expecting the smell of cookies and instead, I was playing Zombie Café and knitting. This got me up quickly. I threw on the Captain America apron and Rece-a-rella attitude and started to bake. I baked up a storm and luckily Shane jumped into the kitchen to stir the fudge and make both lunch and dinner for the three of us. But it wasn’t until we started watching White Christmas that I really got into the Christmas mood. On my way home, I realized that there are a lot more days until Christmas. I still haven’t even figured out my Halloween costume yet. I suppose I’d better get on that and at least for this week, put Christmas on the back burner. At least for tonight.


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