Sleep – Why I Never Get Enough

I am sleep deprived. Unfortunately, my sleep deprivation doesn’t come from anything exciting like being in love or traveling to far lands on late-night trains. No. My sleep deprivation is the result of my inexplicable fear of spiders and other bugs present in the Pacific Northwest. The other night (Friday night), I was a complete nerd and shut myself in my room to finish reading The Princess Bride so I would be ready for book club on Saturday morning. I finished reading the entire book at about 1 AM at which time I looked next to me and I saw it, a tiny slithery silver fish. Gross. I was pretty tired so I didn’t think to kill it. I just flicked it and it landed somewhere underneath the bed. When I tried to go to sleep, I realized that perhaps it wasn’t the best idea as now the silver fish would seek revenge and find its way into my ear and start nibbling away at my inner ear organs. Thus, my inability to get a good night’s rest was born. It’s been a rough couple of nights. I’m hoping beyond all hope that somehow tonight I’ll be able to get over this bug thing. I could really use a good night’s rest.


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