Sixty-Four Things That Make Ma Bunn So Cool

It’s my mom’s birthday today. She’s turning 52. I don’t know why I decided to write 64 things that make her cool. I should have done 52 because that’s how old she is but then I just kept going to 64 and well, that’s what you get. Sixty-four isn’t that bad, right?

Here they are: Sixty-four things that make Ma Bunn so cool…

1. She gets her hair cut in a short, spiky way.
2. She was a stay at home mom for a really long time and then she went and started a serious, awesome career when all of her kids were in school.
3. She makes some killer enchiladas.
4. She used to make us popcorn, brownies, and slice up apples every Sunday night for dinner when we were kids.
5. She drives faster than me so when I ride with her places, we can leave late and still get to the destination on time.
6. She likes purses.
7. She worries about matching or not matching.
8. She takes my advice on her clothing choices pretty often.
9. In the last few years, she has explored accessories and wears all sorts of cool earrings, necklaces, and scarves.
10. She used to can food every summer.
11. She likes to read.
12. She’s a girl who likes to travel.
13. She is a great listener.
14. She’s an AMAZING friend.
15. She’s pretty.
16. She used to write me notes when I was a college student. I kept some of those post-its as memories of that time in my life.
17. She’s good with numbers.
18. My mom keeps my siblings and I together.
19. She gave birth to six children and never does she complain about how long she had to wait for us to be born or that she fed or clothed us for so many years.
20. Ma Bunn isn’t afraid of talking to strangers on a plane. In fact, she encourages it.
21. She is a very tech-savvy lady.
22. She drinks black coffee.
23. She tries on quirky or bold outfits I suggest for her when we go shopping and she’ll occasionally purchase one of them.
24. She likes green wine. (This is a Rece joke. I’m sorry if you don’t get it.)
25. She’s funny.
26. She actually sleeps in on the weekend, unlike her husband, my early-bird father.
27. She writes entertaining letters.
28. She likes to make sure all of her kids feel special.
29. She looks younger than she is.
30. When she’s at a restaurant and orders wine, she’ll ask the server if he or she wants to check her ID although she definitely looks over 35.
31. She likes Starbucks.
32. She’ll order seasonal drinks at Starbucks even though she has a favorite.
33. She picked my dad.
34. She gave birth to me.
35. She never manipulates me into doing things for her by saying, “I carried you for 19 days PAST my due date.”
36. She’s got a lot of faith and she’s never judged her kids or made them feel bad when their faith turns out to be a little bit different than hers.
37. She cooks these really delicious, easy-to-make barbecue cups.
38. Her laugh is awesome.
39. She comes up with really great one-liners.
40. She is a peacemaker.
41. She likes to go on fun adventures.
42. She moved a lot as a kid and somehow she turned out fine without complaining about her parents.
43. She’s a huge fan of sports.
44. She’s got charm.
45. She’s very organized in certain settings.
46. She has good handwriting.
47. She likes to take roadtrips.
48. She lets me listen to Christmas music when I ride with her and doesn’t complain too much.
49. She wants to write a book with me.
50. She works very hard every day.
51. She made a chore chart when her kids were young so she wouldn’t have to do chores and they would do all the stuff for her.
52. She used to wear blue mascara.
53. She likes to wear Clinique Happy.
54. She can keep a secret.
55. She likes going to movies.
56. She likes to order popcorn and diet soda at movies.
57. She’s incredibly generous.
58. She puts the needs of her family before her own.
59. She used to knit and sew. CRAFTY!
60. She drinks water at restaurants.
61. She believes she’s never too old or too wise to learn more.
62. She likes oldies music.
63. She helped decorate for her high school prom even though her parents didn’t let her go.
64. She once drove into her parents’ garage door.

I think that’s a good “why Ma Bunn is so cool” list. I hope you enjoyed it and are now eager to meet this awesome lady. She’s pretty awesome. Happy birthday, Ma Bunn!



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