Road trip to Leavenworth – Take One

Little Bavaria. That’s where I am.

I was so excited when we got here. We got here last night and after checking into the motel, we went out for some grub. I wanted to blog about my excitement last night, but I didn’t. Sometimes, when you’re a writer, you take copious notes that you’ll use later and just enjoy the experience and adventure. Granted, the fact that at Gustav’s restaurant I sat with TWO purple journals writing down notes and ideas doesn’t exactly make me the coolest of travel persons, but you’d think that my travel buddies would be used to it by now. My mom gets it and doesn’t stop me from writing, but my dad eats his food and stares at the TV wondering, why is she writing at the dinner table. I wonder what the guest and the guys of the Dinner Party would say about that one. What do you do when a friend pulls out a book or a journal at the dinner table? Do you ask them to put it away?

Leavenworth – That’s the place I am. It’s Little Bavaria. – anyway, Leavenworth looks pretty awesome thus far. I actually bought a few 30-cent post cards to send to people. I haven’t sent postcards since I first moved to Ternopil last year. This is going to be fun! 😉 But enough about postcards.

The McDonalds here has a Bavarian sign. I mean, everything is in the traditional font (no Helvetica here) and the buildings have the brown lines on them that transport me back to Frieberg, Germany. There are murals all over with people in lederhosen. It would have been cool if we’d made it here for Oktoberfest, but as usual, we planned our trip just a little bit off.

Our goals here vary. Pa Bunn just wants to get away from his responsibilities on the farm. Right now, he’s watching television in the motel because he doesn’t actually have cable or satellite service back home. Ma just wants an adventure. And me, well, I’m looking for adventure, something to write about, yelp about, take pictures of, and a place where I can wear nice clothes rather than the t-shirts and jeans I’ve been wearing to my temp jobs for the past three months.

I’ll keep you tuned into how the adventure goes. And if you’re at all interested in my opinions on restaurants here, find me on yelp.


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