What makes a road trip awesome?

I’ve taken a few road trips in my awesome life and there are a few things that make the trip pretty rocking. Here they are.

1. Great audio – Whether you feel like listening to music, audio books, podcasts, or your fellow roadtripper speak, it’s important that you have exciting audio. Those that like quiet are just kidding themselves.
2. Snacks and drinks in the car – Yes. Dieting is good. But on road trips, I’m starting to realize that sometimes it’s ok to eat some junk food, just as long as you get out of the car every now and again for a quick walk.
3. Clean rest stops – This is not something we can control, but if you stop at a rest stop and have to use a porta-potty, it’s kind of gross. But if you’ve really gotta go, you suck it up and settle down in the stinky toilet.
4. A break for lunch or dinner – When you’re on a budget, sometimes it’s hard to stop for lunch without stressing about the funds, but then again, when you’re on a road trip, you’re usually somewhere you don’t usually hang out and so it’s cool to go out to lunch. Order the soup. It’s usually cheaper than the other options.
5. Your fellow roadtrippers – You don’t want to go on a road trip with people you don’t like. Going on a road trip with people you kind of know could go either way. I went on a road trip with a distant cousin and his friend on the way home from college one time and the two guys forgot me at the halfway mark. I’m not even kidding. We all went inside to use the bathroom and when I got out of the bathroom, the car was gone. My purse and bags were in the car. I had nothing and had to sit on the curb, hoping they would turn around and find me, which luckily they did.

Why the tips on road trips? Well, I took a road trip to my current location yesterday. It was great and here’s why.

1. Great audio – I listened to The Dinner Party Download on my iPhone. My mom loved it.
2. Snacks and drinks – I packed carrots and coke zero but we stopped at Target and bought Halloween candy. Awesome.
3. Clean rest stops – Only when we got to Central Washington did the quality of rest stops go down.
4. A break for lunch or dinner – We went to Full Sail Tasting Room & Pub. If you know me at all, you’d know that pubs and breweries are my thing.
5. My fellow roadtrippers – Am on a road trip with my delightful parents. Of course, this is a hoot.

Tata for now.


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