Road Trip to Leavenworth – Take Two

We were walking down the street towards our breakfast spot when I voiced it, “We’re basically going to be shopping and eating today, huh?”

My mom laughed. “Pretty much,” she said.

It was our first full day in Leavenworth, Washington. We were here for the Bavarian charm and not for the awesome outdoor activities available in this area of Central Washington. After our breakfast in a very non-Bavarian restaurant café, the shopping started. We started out with a little bit of breakfast.

Ok. Mine was not a little bit. I realize that. The crepes were very crepey with fantastic sweet cheese and berries in the middle. And as for the potatoes, well, I used to not eat breakfast potatoes because of Weight Watchers but these things were just too tempting. All of them were gone by the end of the meal.

Pops was pretty disappointed by the breakfasts so we had to walk around town looking at the menus outside the door. I love this practice. In Europe, restaurants do this all the time. The menu is outside so you can see what’s there, what the prices are, and you won’t waste the staff’s time if you don’t want what they’ve got. I know there are places in the states that do this, but in Yamhill County, that great nook from where we reign, restaurants aren’t so fancy most of the time. But I’m a fancy girl, so this Leavenworth style fits me just fine.

When the shopping started, I didn’t really know what to say. Some of the shops have a bunch of junk and tacky sweatshirts for sale. “This looks like the kind of stuff you can find at a gas station somewhere between Oregon and Idaho,” I told my mom.

Laughter. My dad wanted to know what was funny. “Oh, Rece just thinks that that’s the stuff you can find at a truck stop,” she said with a smile. Pops stopped on the street. He must have been looking at the bear junk and the redneck signs thinking that they’d look pretty great on his shop walls. Luckily, none of these items made it into our shopping bags.

This did make it into my shopping bag though.

I love Christmas. And in all honesty, I figure that if I want to buy something, it wouldn’t hurt to have it be a Christmas decoration. Plus, it’s an ornament. It won’t even clutter up a table or bookshelf.

One rad thing we found was The Gingerbread Factory. I’d read about it a few weeks ago. It’s adorable. It’s a coffee shop AND a gingerbread factory. This is the cookie I got. It was tasty.

There was another thing I read about before we came here. It’s THE HAT SHOP. The Hat Shop has every hat you can imagine. I liked the goofy ones.

My mom wasn’t such a fan of me shoving this hat on her head, but I enjoyed it. She didn’t join me in trying on many other hats. I couldn’t resist the pig hat. I was born in the year of the boar so I love pigs a lot.

Dinner was spent at one of those truly German restaurants with food so tasty and rich that you feel your arteries clogging. Before we ordered our dessert, my parents got into a long discussion with our waitress (server) about her and her children and her life. It was intense. I think she just really felt like sharing. We all need to do that every now and again I suppose. But my parents are cool like that. I’m excited about our last full day here in Leavenworth. Perhaps if it doesn’t rain too hard I can get them to take more fun pictures with me. That was one of my goals, right: pictures, yelp, and blog?

More soon.



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