Thirteen Reasons Not to Believe in the Unluckiness of the Number Thirteen:

1. My friend Elena was number 13 for basketball one year and she didn’t suck at all. In fact, she was good.
2. If you constantly fear something silly like the number 13, you’ll come to believe that it’s going to ruin you.
3. My grandma had 13 kids and she was really cool and the kids were all cool too.
4. Darkness is scarier than a number.
5. If you jump off a building 12 times and survive, you will probably also survive number 13.
6. On your 13th birthday, you become a teenager.
7. As my friend Javier told me, you can make a bit of your own luck, a number isn’t going to determine your luck or your success.
8. Odd numbers are always cool, thus could not be unlucky.
9. Today is November 13th and thus far, it’s been a pretty cool day.
10. It’s way more entertaining to fear the end of the Mayan calendar. What will 12-12-12 really be like, anyway?
11. Do you also believe in the Easter Bunny?
12. Jesus was 13 when he first learned to play basketball.
13. If there were thirteen disciples instead of twelve, the thirteenth could have beat up Judas and we wouldn’t have to cry on Easter.

(Apologies if you find #13 irreverent. I was running out of juice.)


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