Thanksgiving with the Bunns

I’ve always had a bit of a crush on Rob Lowe. Ever since I discovered him when watching, Tommy Boy, I have known that this man was very attractive and that my life is much richer just for having the pleasure of watching such a treasure on screen. Every time I see an article about this 80s icon and television star, I take a few minutes to read it. I still remember one of the articles I read in People’s Sexiest Man Alive issue. Rob was not the chosen one, but he was still featured as a good-looking gent. It must have been close to Thanksgiving because it focused on what he and the other sexy guys did on Thanksgiving day. The Lowe family played football as a team. What a great idea! I thought. I tried to convince my family to do this as well. My dad didn’t want to leave the kitchen. If he left the kitchen, he’d have to go to the living room where my mom was watching football with my sister’s boyfriend. My sisters worked on their fun projects during the day and occasionally headed to the table for a few cheese and crackers. This is still the way Thanksgiving works in the Bunn family. We don’t play football. We sit around and argue about which is better to watch: football or the parade. I go for the parade every time. And instead of watching football, I’d rather start binging on Christmas movies. Luckily, this year, I convinced my mom to take a walk around the block. A little activity on turkey day never hurt anyone, right?


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