The subject of math

Two plus two is four. Five plus seven is twelve. And six minus three is three. It’s simple math. What happens when you use math in the real world? Simple solutions? Gold stars? Or occasionally, do you discover earth-shattering truths that change the way you think. Take me for example, when I did the math about my birth, I discovered that I was an anniversary baby. When I pried a little bit, I discovered that my parents hadn’t necessarily planned on having me, the sixth child. But they discovered that I was created, they took care of me in the womb and when entered the world, and they’ve never regretted it as I am the child who brings them the most joy.

The other day, my sister and I were discussing when she and her husband got married. It was ten years ago. Spencer, her oldest child, is turning eleven in a few weeks. “Wait, I was born before you were married?” he asked. Now Shelli, my sister, isn’t a person who hides things from people. She’s usually a lady who throws everything out on the table and hopes that nobody takes any offense. And if they do, she shrugs. But for some reason, this day, Shelli gave me a sideways look. Then she said to Spencer, “Yes, we did. Do you not remember the talks we had so long ago? Am I going to have to repeat these talks?”

Like I said, Spencer is eleven. He’s a great kid, but sometimes when you talk to him, you really wonder if he’s actually listening or just pretending. If I taped myself telling him what to do and showed him a movie of the instructions, I bet he’d get it done in a jiffy. He’s a child of the technology era. I’ve heard Shelli say a few times that she’s had to retell Spencer some interesting family stories as he’s grown up. That’s just expected. Luckily, finding out he was born before his parents were married didn’t cause too much grief. Or if it did, there wasn’t enough time to let it fester. Tia Rece jumped in with the details. “You wore a little tuxedo and cousin Shaanti pulled you down the aisle in a little red wagon.” It’s just the sort of story you want to tell the kids when they finally grab a hold of those simple math equations.

Tata for now.

Tia Rece


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