What do we know about marital fidelity?

What do we know about marital fidelity?

This is what we’ve been studying in freshman English class. It’s a bit of a deep subject, I’m sure, but it makes sense. We are reading The Odyssey and the great epic hero Odysseus is a bit of a man-whore. I’m sorry if you don’t like that terminology, but that’s exactly what he was. He was a man-whore and he liked it. In the epic poem, Homer writes that Odysseus cried on the rocks, longing for his wife Penelope. I don’t buy this. The guy didn’t cry. She shacked up with the goddess Calypso for seven years. He was having a good time. Homer added the crying part for the little girl in his village listening to his story during the campfire. She welled up when he first said that Odysseus was doing it with Calypso so he changed the story a bit. That’s how I imagine it at least.

So if you can’t tell from the previous paragraph, in Ancient Greece, guys weren’t really faithful to their wives. The wives, of course, were required to stay true to their husbands. They didn’t want any bastard sons to mix up their heritage, so the girls dried up and the guys went fishing in other parts of the world.

My students got this. I’m pretty sure some of the guys gained respect for this “hero” because of it. So when I introduced the modern perspective based on the “Before He Cheats” video of Carrie Underwood, the students missed the point.

Here was my favorite.

That’s right. Don’t cheat cuz your girl will go nuts. Ok. This made me laugh, but unfortunately, the student missed the mark on meeting the standard.

Then there was this one.

If you cheat, make sure you hide your car. What? That’s really all you got out of this. Again, I laughed, but when reviewing the standards, I had to say that the student didn’t quite get the point. But it still made me laugh.

Both of these responses make some sense. I mean, have you seen the video? If you haven’t, watch it now. You’ll get what these freshmen were thinking.

Tata for now.



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