Perfect Couples – Why didn’t this show make it?

I’m a huge Friends geek. I grew up watching the show and when the final season came out my junior year of college, I hosted a pizza party (that everyone was late to but me) for the finale. I loved this show. It was the best part of every Thursday night. I skipped basketball and volleyball games to watch it. Nothing could pull me away from my TV for that half an hour every Thursday night.

There’s another show that I have come to love that I really think is up there with friends for humor and awesomeness. The show is Perfect Couples. Why didn’t this show make it? They have hilarious characters and great stories. Why couldn’t they keep going?

I’m curious if Vance and Amy’s wedding killed the show or if they planned Vance and Amy’s screw-up wedding to end the show. Either way, they could have continued. Vance and Amy are that awful couple that stays together for so long. You want them to break up and they do, constantly, but they always get back together. They could have gotten married, then gotten divorced and then cheated on their significant others with each other again and again. There are couples like that in the world, aren’t there?

The other couples, Dave & Julia and Rex & Leigh are so weird and yet you know there are people like this. The best part of this show is that you know for a fact that there are no perfect couples and the ones that pretend to be perfect (Rex & Leigh) are just completely delusional.

So I’m glad Arrested Development is coming back, but can there please be enough Hulu watchers who ask for a continuation of Perfect Couples? I mean, seriously, David Walton BELONGS on TV full time! He just does.

Tata for now.



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