Absolutely Infatuated

Today, I became absolutely infatuated… with the movie, Lincoln.

I’ve always been a bit of a nerd about American history. I mean, social studies was one of my best subjects. I find politics and our political system fascinating though I would never commit the moral suicide of running for office. I’ll talk to most people about political issues except three people, all three of whom I have spent much time, but I will not speak with them because of their wish to scalp the opposition. Politics are dirty and in the political game, the name-calling is worse than a playground fight when three teachers have to break up the action. When most of us think back to President Lincoln and his presidency, we think of the Civil War, abolition, and an April death in Washington. We don’t think of the hair-pulling, candy bribes, and for-the-greater-good bullying that went into the greatness that is equality for all people. I laughed throughout the movie at the little jabs about politicians and the way politics work in Washington. But I cried whenever Lincoln talked about true equality. All people really are equal. (Note: When Tommy Lee Jones’ character said that he couldn’t believe all people were equal because the opposition leader was obviously scum, I chuckled myself into a frenzy.)

Favorite scene: When Mary Todd Lincoln’s sidekick talked to him on the steps of the White House. He admitted that he didn’t know any of her people and that he didn’t know what lay ahead for them, but that first came freedom. Isn’t that what every person deserves? Freedom to live the way you want. Freedom to choose. Freedom to be who you are. The movie of course led me to think about politics today. I think specifically about the right to marry. This issue is near and dear to my heart because my brother and his partner are two of my favorite people on this green earth. I think of their love and mutual respect for one another and the way they treat other people so wonderfully even though they are being singled out in some states with “morality” laws and I think, how is this fair? Why are Americans becoming so closed-minded and judgmental? Didn’t the pilgrims first come to America for religious freedom? Weren’t some of our founding fathers deists, atheists, and agnostics? Don’t we use coins with their profiles and live in the country they fought to take away from the Brits? Hasn’t our country always been a melting pot of different cultures, foods, and colors?

I think that if Lincoln were in the White House today, he would be fighting for that equality of love and respect that the Obamas are fighting for. Perhaps he’d have a conversation with one of his assistants in the White House showing his support for equality to all. He’d definitely shake hands with the Obamas. I think they’d be great friends.

I loved the movie Lincoln. I want to go watch it again and again. I want to write down quotes from the movie. I want to read more books about Lincoln (I have a good source for these books.). I want to be a Lincoln. I want to fight for equality in this great nation of ours. We need equality in marriage, equality in education, equality in gender. Without this, we become a broken nation. I suppose that’s what we are right now. It’s hard to get people to agree on things as all people have minds of their own, but sometimes, I really wish we could all just get along. We need to show a little love and compassion for one another. And we need to realize that we live in America, the land of the free and the home of the brave. Shouldn’t we all be free to just be?



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