Empurple: One of the Reasons I love Dictionary.com

Years ago, I first subscribed to Dictionary.com’s word of the day. At the time, I bought a special journal and would write down the word of the day and try to use it in a new sentence. This was my attempt to become a smarter person. Since that initial zealous attempt at improving my vocabulary, I’ve unsubscribed, resubscribed, changed emails and subscribed again, added the Dictionary.com app to my phone and so on. Recently, I hardly open the dictionary.com emails. I can sometimes see the word because of using iMail on my MacBook Pro, but usually, I just delete it to try to find my important emails. But this morning, as I was going to delete yet another email junking up my mailbox, I saw it. Yesterday’s word was amazing.

Screen Shot 2012-12-02 at 11.58.40 AM

Yes, that’s right. Empurple is a life-changing word. Here’s my attempt use it in a sentence.

Sharece decided to change the world. She decided to empurple the walls of that boring archway so as to bring cheerfulness and awesome life to the people who lived near that place.

My example requires a little bit of context. I am the Sharece in the sentence and I love the color purple. My day gets better when I see things that are purple. My “rough days” are more bearable when I’m wearing my purple jacket or purple shoes. God invented the color purple so that he wouldn’t have to deal with my complaints and problems as much. He knew that at least purple would keep me relatively sane.

Thus, empurple is now one of the most powerful words in my dictionary. I’ve never used it before today. When others give lectures on empowerment, I’ll give lectures on empurplement. Yeah, I like this word.

Empurple your day!



2 thoughts on “Empurple: One of the Reasons I love Dictionary.com

  1. OMG – I saw the word (because I signed up for the word of the day, too) and IMMEDIATELY thought of you, my fellow lover of purple. I’m writing this wearing my purple scarf from India, a new purple shirt, and a new purple sweater 🙂

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