How to Sit in Room 664

“Teacher! How long do we have to sit like this?”

“Teacher, when does the other Miss Bunn get back?”

“Teacher, I can’t sit next to her!”

These are not words from a third grader’s mouth. Unfortunately, they are words from the mouths of my freshman and junior students at Nampa High School. I wanted to start the week out with real zest, so I arranged the chairs in small groups. Then I read an email one of my colleagues had sent about an upcoming department-wide activity that requires students to have their knees pointed towards the front of the room. So, I rearranged. This is what the room ended up looking like.


It’s not a bad arrangement. But the change led to these questions.

“When is Ms. Bunn getting back?”

“Why isn’t she getting back until February?”

You change the seats, you own the room. I think the students are worrying about me holding too much power in room 664. I could get used to this idea.


One thought on “How to Sit in Room 664

  1. Ahh. Its nice to hear that power is not going to your head. At least I know that, even if you’re corrupted a little, you won’t be absolutely corrupted. You’re teaching in Idaho so I know you don’t have absolute power… 😉

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