Homework Blues

I had forgotten why I never committed to a teaching program until today: there’s just way too much homework for a teacher. It’s finals week here at Nampa High School and since I’m an English teacher, I get to grade a lot of essays the students wrote over the semester. The freshmen wrote essays comparing Odysseus from The Odyssey to Percy Jackson from the movie about this character. The essays don’t really rock. At first, I was amused. Now I’m starting to wonder what the students are learning while I’m at the front of the classroom talking. Do they catch anything? I’m not sure.

When I read this paper, I’d realized that I’d done something wrong.

papers - one

I’d read that to teach students how to write essays, it was good to teach them to write hooks by writing questions. Then I read a bunch of the essays with pretty awful hooks and realized that it wasn’t really working.

Then I read this.

Percy - two

I’m not sure how I could have helped this one. (Please note that the student wrote “The End” at the end of an essay that was supposed to be in MLA format.) I walked over to the student several times to try to help but was constantly reassured that everything was under control. Unfortunately, the essay showed me that the student missed the point of writing the essay.

And finally, I got to this one.

Percy - three

My sister begged me to put it on facebook with the letters on the right. I did so without much convincing.

There are still at least fifty essays I have to grade over the next two days. I had planned to finish them tonight, but my head started to pound at the very thought. I’m hoping that the last fifty end up being pretty awesome, but I’m going to cross my fingers.

Tata for now.



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