2013 – The Year of Structure for Peanut Butter Girl

It’s almost 2013. That means that it’s a new year, a year of possibilities, troubles, triumphs, food, and fun. In 2013, I want to do many things but one of them is to do what I’ve wanted to do for a while now. I’m adding structure to this blog. Yes, you will still get the normal bits of Rece with the humor and jokes, but now they’re going to have a theme to them. You’ll catch on in a jiffy. Here’s how it will go:

Mondays: Response to something in the news. This is when I get to pick a random story from my favorite (or sometimes a random) news source and write what I think about it.

Tuesdays: Music, TV, and Movies. This is basically when I get to write a movie review, complain about something crazy on TV, or post a music video with my thoughts on the song.

Wednesdays: A Pick Me Up. Wednesdays are the worst. Whether you’re working, going to school, or just wasting away, Wednesdays are the worst day of the week. That’s why so many churches try to real people in to make them feel better and get their minds back on track. My Wednesday posts won’t be those kind of posts, but they will be aimed at trying to make light of the tough week.

Thursdays: Photo Day. I love photography. I love sharing my photos. Thus, Thursdays are dedicated to pictures I will take with whatever sort of caption or words I want to post with them.

Fridays: Night Out and FOOD! Fridays are supposed to be about date night and nights on the town. I will attempt to blog about places to go/things to do on Friday nights. Granted, you could learn more about my feelings on restaurants and bars by going on Yelp, but this will work for now.

Saturdays: Anecdotes from my life. This is the place where I get to write stories about things I’ve done, places I’ve been, hobbies, activities, and general awesomeness. I may write a funny story from the week and I may write stories from the past. It’s my blog so it’s really my choice.

Sundays: Thoughts on life. This is when I get to pretend to be like Ralph Waldo Emerson or Henry David Thoreau and write really smart and intelligent things.

Get the gist? You’ll catch on with me just as I get used to this new way of blogging. See you soon! Happy New Year!



One thought on “2013 – The Year of Structure for Peanut Butter Girl

  1. I’m looking forward to your 2013 posts. Once I get the hang of it, I’ll be sure to know what day it is. Happy New Year, Rece-Girl.

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