Dinosaurs in the News

The internet isn’t working well at the BBJ Ranch. Thus, I haven’t been able to get online or read the most up-to-date news stories online. Fortunately, my BBC News app rocks and I was able to read a couple stories. One of them was really sad. One was strange and amusing. I’m going to tell you about the strange and amusing one.

Headline: “US man admits dinosaur smuggling”

Headlines rock. I knew this was the one to write about because how often do you read news stories about dinosaurs? Not often. A guy from Florida snuck a bunch of dinosaur bones to America that he stole from Mongolia. The bone stealer, one Eric Prokopi, got caught because he sold the skeleton at an auction in May. My question is this: what kind of auction was this? It obviously wasn’t very fight clubby if he got caught. Granted, I believe stealing is wrong, but I also appreciate a good storyline when someone is really sneaky and smart and gets away for a few years before getting caught. This story SO couldn’t make a blockbuster. Another question: Who is buying these bones? I get that there are some really smart, nerdy people who like to look at dinosaur bones, but if you got some to take to your house, where would you put them on display? My nephew is a smart kid who is most likely going to become a paleontologist and I already think he has too many dinosaur books and toys. Will he one day be the guy who collects legit dinosaur junk? Only time will tell, I suppose.


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