Awkward Bathroom “Sitch”

I’ve dedicated Wednesdays on the blog for a quick little pick me up. Well, I wasn’t working this week so the normal frustrations weren’t causing me stress or frustration. But I did watch too much TV with my big brother, causing a pounding headache that is still plaguing me. I can get through this though, because I just came back from a movie and dinner, both of which made me laugh. After we finished eating, Ma Bunn and I did our usual trip to the toilet, just in case we hit evening traffic in Newberg and Dundee. I had just locked the bathroom stall and hung my yellow purse on the stall hook when I noticed something strange in the stall next door. Black hair was sweeping the floor. The hair belonged to the little person wearing pink and purple shoes. Just as I was wiping off the seat before sitting down, I saw a little face peeking over at me. “Hey!” I said. “You’re not supposed to look in here!” And the face was gone. I waited until my mom was done too to discuss the crazy little girl. So how is this a pick me up? Perhaps it’s not, but just be glad that the people you work with don’t peek at you under the bathroom stalls at work. It’s just awkward.


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