Sleeping In

Sleeping in is for weaklings. I know this because I have been sleeping in for the past few days and when I finally get up at about 9:36 or so I realize that my life is running away from me. My dad always used to get up at about 5 or 5:30 every morning. I thought this was absolutely insane, but at one point I realized that he was getting a whole lot more done in the early morning than I was. I tried this in college; I’d take all of my classes at 7:30, 8:45, and noon-thirty. I loved being done with classes by 2:30 just in time for an afternoon nap.

Naps aren’t so practical in real life adulthood. I don’t live in Portlandia and if I tried to take a nap at Nampa High School, I’m pretty sure my students would draw on my face or stuff things up my nose. A better option these is to go to bed at a reasonable time and get up early to attempt to workout (unlikely on weekdays) and get ready for work (including defrosting the car for fifteen minutes during this Idaho winter). Granted, this isn’t exciting, but quite frankly, if I want to keep my face looking young and gorgeous forever, I’ve got to get my beauty rest.

Tata for now.



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